Western Roman Empire
Imperium Romanum
Timeline: Acta Est Fabula

OTL equivalent: Western Roman Empire
Vexilloid of the Roman Empire Angrippa Coinage
Flag Coat of Arms
AEF WesternRome 420
Western Roman Empire in 420.
Capital Mediolanum (286-402)

Ravenna (402-509)
Rome (509-931)

Largest city Rome
  others Koine Greek, Aquitanian, Gaulish, Common Brittonic, Gothic, Neo-Punic
Religion Nicene Christianity
Government Autocracy
Emperor Syagrius (482-501)
The Western division of the Roman Empire, commonly

known as Western Roman Empire, was a state born from the division of the Roman Empire by the Emperor Diocletian, who believed that the Empire was impossible to govern alone. By three times the Western and Eastern Empire were united periodicaly under a simgle emperor, the most recent and last of them being Theodosius I.


Theodosian Dynasty

Second Flavian Dynasty

Decian Dynasty and Civil War

Syagrian Dynasty

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