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The Western Representation Act was a bill that allowed for terrorities of size of being a state, but weren't. The Western Representation Act was passed in 1851 due to the growing population of the Western Terrorties. The South refused to allow these states to join the Union due to a fear of upsetting the balance of free slave states.

Provisions of the WRA

The WRA allowed for any Terrorties that meet the requirments of being a state, but aren't a state, to be able to elect Representives and Senators to go to Congress and represent them.

Passing of the WRA

The WRA come to because the South refused to admit new states into the Union out of fears that they would upset the balance permantly in favor of the North. However, they thought they would get a chance to turn some states into Slave States if they stayed Terrorites. Because of this, the WRA was passed by 60%.

Aftermath of the WRA

The WRA caused an upset in Congress by giving power to the Whig Party. The South, feeling frusturated and tricked by the North, made one last bid at power. They threatened to secede if the Whigs won the next presidental election. This threat worked, and the Democrats won the next presidental election.

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