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Western Front of World War III
Date 27 October 1962 (1962-10-27) – 22 December 1970 (1970-12-22)
Location Europe
Result Decisive NATO/Alliance Victory, concurrent with other fronts
  • Dissolution of the Soviet Union
  • Dissolution of the Warsaw Pact
  • Communist governments removed from power in East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Albania and Yugoslavia; democratic elections held in all
  • East Germany is annexed by West Germany; reunification of the country under West German government
  • Communist governments removed from power in former Soviet Republics; democratic elections held
  • Creation of the Confederation of Independent States comprising former Soviet Republics
Flag of NATO NATO and allies:

Flag of the United States United States
Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Flag of France France
Canadian Red Ensign (1957-1965) Canada
Flag of Germany West Germany
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Luxembourg Luxembourg
Flag of Portugal Portugal
Flag of Italy Italy
Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of Norway Norway
Flag of Iceland Iceland
Flag of Greece (1822-1978) Greece
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Austria Austria
Flag of CyprusCyprus
Flag of Spain (1945 - 1977) Spain
Flag of the Hungarian Revolution (1956) Free Hungarian Army
Flag of Poland Polish government-in-exile
Flag of Slovakia Czechoslovak Resistance
Proposed German National Flag 1948 East German Resistance

Warsaw Pact Logo Warsaw Pact:

Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
Flag of East Germany East Germany
Flag of Romania (1965-1989) Romania
Flag of Hungary Hungary
Flag of Bulgaria (1948-1967) Bulgaria
Flag of Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Flag of Poland Poland

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