1600: King Erich / Erik XVI becomes new king in Sweden. He makes many important reforms in the state, especially the army.

1606: King Henry V of Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal manages to become accepted as new king of Ireland, after the death of king Alexander / Alasdair V of Scotland.

1607-11: First Nordic War. Sweden defeats Denmark-Norway, takes Göteborg, Trondheim and Narvik.

1619-25: King François IV, after becoming politically mature, has to cut down the power of the nobles at the court, finally succeeding and making France an absolutist state.

1620s: The formerly good relations between the Triple Monarchy and France cool down dangerously, which is also the fault of the two new monarchs, Henry VI and François respectively.

1628: Scotland becomes an "estates republic", declaring they have the right for that, since there is no legitimate king any more after the end of the Bruce dynasty.

Castilians and Portuguese start rebelling against king Henry, who proves unable to defeat them. (One of the moments was that his marriage with a Castilian duchess went awry, she told her relatives, they told their friends ...).

King Kristian I of Denmark dies without heirs, nobles decide to make duke Ernst V of Braunschweig-Lüneburg new king.

1628-34: Castillian Civil War. France supports uprisings in Valencia (Aragon south of Ebro river), Portugal.

Despite of all the chaos and the many factions, the new king Alfonso XII (former duke of Aliaga) manages to defeat all enemies, keep himself on the throne and also subdue the Aragonese rebels in Valencia. Morocco, however, stays independent, under the former duke of Monteleon.

Portugal declares its independence (also with French encouraging) under Miguel, former duke of Linhares. He even manages to acquite Olivenca from Spain.

1630: The army of the Cortes defeats English army landed at Santander.

1633: Uprisings against king Henry VI start. Begin of the First English Civil War (ECW).

1633-50: Welsh uprisings during War of the Fords. Some are expelled to Atlantis, settle around Boston.

1634: King Henry is captured and banned to Atlantis (i.e. he's put onto a ship which captain was told he has a prisoner to be released in Atlantis. Like the nobles used to joke, this was the worst imaginable punishment for the king, who banned that many religious dissenters there.) However, since the king had no heir, the nobles aren't in unison about what to do. They start to fight among each other; the common people dub the war, after the leaders of the most important groups, the Staffords and the Cliffords, "War of the 'fords".

1636-39: Castille (now more commonly called Spain) tries to conquer Morocco back, unsuccessfully.

1638: Uprisings in Ireland start, English are driven back into the Pale.

1639: Maria, the princess of Spain and future queen (her father Alfonso has no son) marries the king of Morocco (not acknowledged by Spain), Francisco of Monteleón. While he brags at the beginning how he is going to "bend that weak woman", the contract she negotiates with him at the end gives her actually the possibility to co-govern in Morocco, while he has nothing to say in Spain or its colonies in Atlantis.

1641: Dublin has to capitulate to the Irish. Many English flee to England or Markland.

1642-45: "The Scottish interlude": Scotland tries to expand into Northern England, which makes the Staffords and the Cliffords actually stop their war against each other in 1643 until the Scots are finally driven out.

1647: The Duke of Stafford becomes new king Humphrey I of England, after defeating and killing his opponent, William of Clifford.

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Western Europe 1650-1675

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