Since 1550: The growing trade with East Asian goods (although many are still forbidden, or at least scolded at) leads people to think about a possibility to take out the middle man (the Rum-Seljuks in the South, the Russians in the North). In France, it's suggested that a conquest of the Sinai would allow them to sail the spice routes.

1551-56: The new king of the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal is willing to scrap Caesaropapism, so the council of Ghent is started. After long discussions, the western churches are reunited. In return, some of the Occidental reforms [1] are introduced in the rest of the world too. Plus, the theologians from various countries, where printing is widespread meanwhile, decide an important change in the doctrine: Instead of good works, only the belief in God is what counts. The most important change (which was necessary for the Triple Monarchy and many other countries), however, is that the church can't claim back its secularized property. Now the pope is the highest spiritual authority in all of Western Europe again. But now, people started to question him...

1555: Alexander / Alasdair IV of Scotland and Ireland ends the Danish Civil War, becomes new king of Denmark.

1560: King Henry IV of England-Castille-Portugal reorders his kingdoms. The two halves of Portugal are reunited under him as king; the traditional division of the colonies (Portugal in Africa except Morocco, Castille in Morocco and the Caribbean, England in North Atlantis) is changed a bit: English merchants of the Atlantean Company get the islands of Jamaica and All Saints (OTL Trinidad) for sugar plantages.

1562: Alasdair elected king of Norway, returning in triumph.

1567: Swedish regent Sten deposed after one of his young nephews dies suddenly under unclear circumstances. Alasdair becomes king of Sweden. He now has the crowns of five kingdoms (not even counting Finland).

1570s: "The golden years". All the great Western European states - the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal, France, and Alasdair's empire have competent, popular rulers who live in peace with each other. Style of Occidentalism(o) at its height.

1580s: Biggest uprisings in Morocco and Algeria yet.

1586: After the sons of Charles VIII died without heirs, their second-grade cousin François II of Berry becomes new king of France. He is anything but popular, but fortunately, he'll die one year later already.

1588: Death of Alasdair. His vast lands are divided: Scotland and Ireland go to his elder son Alasdair V, Scandinavia to his younger son Christian I / Kristian.

1595: The nobles of Sweden depose king Kristian after the lost war against Vladimir-Suzdal, elect Albrecht / Albert of Mecklenburg new king.

1599: The kings Henry V of the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal and François III agree to solve their conflict in Aragon in a way that satisfies them both: Aragon is divided - Murcia and the lands south of the Ebro (and Oran) go to the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal, the lands north of it, plus the Baleares, Navarre and Sardinia (which is sold to Florence, though) to France.

[1] The Occidental church under king Edward V introduced many original laws. One part of them was directed against trade with Muslim countries, so some luxuries (silk, Syrian glassworks, East Asian spices, even incense) were forbidden or severely taxed, while Occidental Christians were encouraged to replace them with Atlantean luxuries (furs, tobacco, cayenne peppers). Other new laws preached by the church heavily discriminated Jews and Muslims - a big stain, since it also meant that Arab and Hebrew books could only be acquired under great difficulties.

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