1504: Erik XV Birgersson of Sweden deposed, for being unpopular and having no heir. Knut Karlsson of the Bonde family is made regent.

1506: King David V of Norway dies. His heir is only three years old. The nobles use the opportunity and set up a nobles' republic similar as Aragon. They plan to kill the prince, but he is smuggled by some loyal Scottish followers out of Norway; they flee first to Denmark, later to the Netherlands and France.

1510: James of Athelhampton writes a text "About the divine right of the king", propagating that the king should stand higher than the bishops in his lands. This basically means a breakaway from the pope in Avignon. Since he abandoned Rome, many Christians have criticized him; and since more and more money from the Quadruple Monarchy's lands in Africa and Atlantis goes into his coffers, the number of critics has grown even more.

The English nobles accept the proposal after a few months, but Castille-Portugal is more reluctant to accept the king as head of church. The coalitions formed don't even ask for nationalities, classes, or even families. From 1511-17, the Iberian peninsula goes through almost Civil War-like conditions. The opponents of the king are rewarded with the property of his defeated enemies (including some church property), which helps him to succeed. He founds the "Occidental Christian church".

1514: François / Franz I crowned Holy Roman Emperor (in Avignon).

1519: After a meeting of the cardinals of the Quadruple Monarchy, they accept king Edward V as supreme spiritual authority. The liturgy or anything else substantial isn't changed. The Occidental Schism begins. The church property in the Quadruple Monarchy goes to the king as well, who uses it to give it to his followers, thus further strengthening his authority. When the pope protests, the king declares in return that he won't accept the authority of "the lackey of the French king".

1520: The nobles of Sweden decide to make Henrik VI of Denmark new king, since Knut Karlsson also has no heir.

1520s: As a reaction to king Edward's Caesaropapism, a new Christian movement spreads through Great Britain - "Independents" who demand that the state completely stops interfering with the church, and again demands the translation of the bible, which the church still declines.

1523: After Sweden, Henrik of Denmark also is elected new king of Norway. He now reigns all of Scandinavia.

1523-47: Great Occidental War. The Quadruple Monarchy fights against France, Aragon, the HRE and the Tenochca.

1527: Although the war on land goes well for the Quadruple monarchy, where the new Castillian tercios repeatedly defeat the French, their fleet is defeated in the big sea battle of Biarritz.

1528: After the defeat of Cempoala, the war in Europe intensifies. The Quadruple king hopes for a reconquest of Aquitaine. France feels threatened and needs a diversion. "Prince Alasdair" who returned from Atlantis lands in Scotland, soon gains followers, starts guerrilla war against the English.

1530: Scots defeat English at the battle of Stirling, reconquer the Lowlands.

1531: Prince Alasdair extends the war to Ireland.

1533: Dublin conquered by Prince Alasdair.

1534: Charles VIII elected king Carles of Aragon.

1535: After the death of emperor Franz, king Charles is elected new Roman king, despite some resistance (he gets 6 of 9 votes).

King Henrik VI starts the Scandinavian church, confiscates the church property and has the Bible translated.

1538-42: Uprisings in Morocco. The rebelling Muslims are enslaved and mostly brought to the New World. However, they distract the Quadruple Monarchy, which has to move Castilian troops from France to Morocco.

1541: King Gerhard II of Denmark, Norway and Sweden deposed for complete madness. The land falls into Civil War, with various (wannabe) contenders fighting. Norway becomes a nobles' republic again, Sweden declares independence too.

1543: After Morocco is secured, the insulted Quadruple king wants to get rid of Prince Alasdair, so he moves his troops not to Aquitaine, but Scotland. The Castilian and Portuguese troops aren't accustomed to the land and the climate, which weakens them.

1544: Swedes make Gustav of the Sture family new regent. He manages that the office stays in the family.

1546: After several indecisive battles, Prince Alasdair decides to let the troops of the enemy march deep into the Highlands, making them believe they were chasing the Scots. As the chronicles write, certainly no other Scot leader would be able to demand that of his people - which proves Alasdair's charisma. He doesn't disappoint the Scots: At October 10th, they destroy their enemy in the battle of Callander.

1547: Peace of Barcelona. The Quadruple Monarchy has to cede Murcia to Aragon, and accept the independence of Scotland-Ireland under Alasdair / Alexander IV in Europe, and of Mexico and Tawantinsuyu (Inca empire) in Atlantis (who have to convert to Christianity, though, since the pope insists). Plus, they have to pay several tons of gold.

1549: The double revolt in the (now) Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal: Both the parliament in England and the Cortes in Castille force the king to resign, make his more popular son king.

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