1302: Flemish citizens massacre French occupation troops, defeat them in the battle of Kortrijk.

1303: Philippe the Fair excommunicated by the pope. Pope Boniface VIII seized by the French, has to go to Avignon. In the following decades, the (mostly French) popes will reign from here.

1306: Robert the Bruce crowned king of Scotland, starting the Bruce dynasty. Jews kicked out of France - the state is almost broke, and the king wants to take their money.

1307: King Edward I of England dies, after having defeated the Scots twice (not just once as OTL).

Knights Templar accused for heresy in France.

1309: Popes move to Avignon.

1310s: Scots defeat the English, thanks to their pike fighters. TTL Edward II of England starts in a better position, and isn't as incompetent as his OTL counterpart, but after many fights he gets tired too. So the Scots become independent again, only have to cede the territory south of the Firths (Wall of Antoninus).

1311/12: Knights Templar again accused for heresy in France.

1312: Flanders and France make peace; Flanders cedes French-speaking parts.

1314: Philippe the Fair dies. After the short reign of his first son Louis X (-1317) follows the latter's baby son Jean I. In the first years, his uncles Charles (-1323) and Philippe (-1327) reign in his name.

1315: Great famine in Europe.

1323: Aragon acquires Sardinia.

1326: Christoffer II of Denmark kicked out after he wants to tax the nobles and the church; now Gerhard III of Holstein effectively rules the country.

1331: Gerhard III of Holstein (the strong man in Denmark) marries countess Margarethe of Holland, Zeeland and Hennegau (in Wallonia).

1335: Unpopular king Pere IV of Aragon toppled by the nobles, who make the state a quasi nobles' Republic. The king is only the nominal ruler.

1336: Young French king Jean I starts a short war with Genoa.

1340: Castille and Portugal defeat the Moorish army; this is the last time an Arab army lands on Iberian soil.

1341: Breton War of Succession begins. France supports Charles of Blois, England John of Montfort - with the result that both are drawn into the war.

1344: Sea Battle of Blankenberge. English and Flemish defeat the French; England now rules the Channel and can land troops in Brittany.

1345: Scotland enters the war against England, hoping to get the lost lands back.

1346: Land Battle of Vannes, Brittany. Thanks to their longbows and the bad weather, the English defeat the French.

Great famine in Europe.

1347: Black Death does not hit Europe. From now on, there's not much this Europe have in common with that of OTL - in fact, the Breton war of Succession was the last recognizable event. Overpopulated Europe suffers under population pressure. Some states less than others - England, Poland and Scandinavia still have a low population and can rather afford to grow; Germans go to the East, Hungarians to Romania, Spanish and Portuguese kick out the Moors and settle in their places - but France and Italy suffer much.

1349: France acquires the Dauphiné.

Chaos TL in blocks
Earlier in time:

Europe 1250-1300

Western Europe


Later in time:

Western Europe 1350-1400

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