Western Confederacy
Timeline: Quebec Independence
Preceded by 1786-1850s Succeeded by
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The Western Indian Confederacy was a confederacy of Native American tribes located in the Northwest territory. The confederacy came together as a common front against Quebec expansion in the area. Quebec was unable to defeat the Confederacy, resulting in it growing stronger and forcing out settlers from the Northwest territory. Led by Shawnee Chief Blue Jacket, the Confederacy controlled OTL Ohio and Indiana, and was expanding outward, with the support of Britain and Canada. The Confederacy nearly met it ends during the War of 1808 when the combined forces of Quebec and the United States crushed its armies. Following the war, as part of the treaty, the Confederacy was to move to OTL southern Manitoba, Dakota, Montana, and Minnesota. However, as British settlers increasingly moved to these areas, the Confederacy lost their independence, and by the 1850s the Confederacy was powerless.