In this timeline, the idea of Communism is brought to the United States and not Russia. In 1905, the United States suffers from problems in the country. In many states of the east, Communist revolutions are going on. The American Government tries to fight them off, and succeeds.

However, in 1910, many eastern states become Communist, but are unrecognized, and considered part of the United States. This all changes three years later, more states in the west become Communist, but are still unrecognized. The United States is recognized to have all of the states, when in reality, they're trapped in the center of where they actually should be.

In 1916, the rest of the states become Communist. The United States becomes fully Communist, but this does not last. A year later, the entire west of America rebels against the communists. They form a country, known as the Western States. This new country lasts only two years, as it collapses from more problems with Communist revolutions.

The newly-Communist America turns its territories into states, and refuses to enter World War One.

During the interwar period, the United States suffers from really bad problems, a Great Depression, but slightly worse than the one in our timeline. Four western states in the US collapse, and the former lands of the states are shared between the United Kingdom (via Canada) and Mexico. The US later buys the lands of the former states from the UK and Mexico.

In 1933, the Weimar Republic is ruled by the Nazi Party, and therefore is changed to Nazi Germany. Germany forms an alliance between them, Japan and Italy. In 1939, Germany forms a pact with the United States to annex Poland. West Poland becomes part of Nazi Germany, while East Poland becomes a state of the United States, allowing the United States into Europe. Russia asks the US if part of East Poland is up for sale. When the United States do not allow Russia to buy anything from East Poland, Russia declares war on the United States. Japan then attacks on the very east of Russia, now that the US, Germany, Italy and Japan are against Russia.

Half-way through World War Two, Germany annexes the entirety of East Poland, which angers the United States. The US switches sides and declares war on Germany. Japan then declares war on the United States. The US helps Russia and the rest of the Allies defeat Germany and Japan. Germany plans on occupying Russia AND the United States. Only Ukraine, the Carolinas and New York are actually annexed before the US, Russia and the rest of the allies defeat Germany and Japan.

Germany and Austria are both occupied. American Communists invade the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Canada and Italy. New governments are built for these countries. However, the UK is split up into two republics united in a loose confederation of "sovereign" satellite states. This creates the People's Republic of Great Britain, the People's Republic of Northern Ireland, the French Socialist Republic, the Spanish Democratic Republic, the Portuguese Socialist Republic, the Norwegian Democratic Republic, the People's Republic of Denmark and Iceland and the Socialist Republic of Canada.

Later on, in 1949, Germany is split into two, West Germany and East Germany. West Germany being Communist and East Germany being Capitalist. Meanwhile, Austria has a civil war, which begins the Cold War. The Russian occupation zone is at war with the British, French and American zones. In 1953, the civil war is over, and there is no Capitalist occupation zone in sight. Due to this, Austria is given four more years of occupation.

After 1953, the Cold War goes on as usual in our timeline. In 1957, Austria becomes a Communist republic, but wishes to be neutral. This begins a seven-year war between America and Austria. Austria, due to being under American control in its western states, cannot escape from being in the war. Eventually, in 1964, Austria wins, and becomes a Communist republic, a sovereign non-satellite state, and is neutral throughout the Cold War, just like Yugoslavia (except Yugoslavia is Capitalist).

In 1989, Spain, Portugal and Norway protest against their Communism. Spain gets its way in the same year, but it takes one year for Portugal to get its way and another for Norway's freedom.

In 1991, the Yugoslav Wars begin. They take shorter, however, as Yugoslavia is downgraded to a loose confederation of states.

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