Western Canadia was a British held colony in Northwestern North America until the year 1876, when they declared their independence and peacefully entered the British Commonwealth, which is comprised of Greater Britain, parts of North and Central Africa, South Africa, much of the Middle East, Anglo-Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Australia. The Canadians have held faulty relations with the United States of America ever since they declared their independence from the British Empire in 1811. There have been many border disputes with the Russian Empire and later the CCCP in the largely unsettled portion in the west. In the early days of Canadia, as it was then called, a Civil War broke out between the largely Royalist forces of Eastern Canadia, and the Constitutionally democratic Western Canadia, over secession from the British Empire. War broke out, and after 3 years Western Canadia won the day. They annexed Eastern Canadia, and the new name simply stuck. Western Canadia is one of the most important members of the British Commonwealth, certainly among the largest, and plays a vital role in keeping a toehold in the volatile North America. Commonwealth Forces still occupy Western Canadia in great numbers, partially to maintain order, but mostly to discourage an American invasion, which the British Royal Family still believes to be likely.

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