The Western Baseball League is a league formed in 1968 based in the former Spanish colonies captured by Virginia during World War II. It has 10 teams.


Baseball was a popular sport in the Spanish colonies west of Virginia, however it was only played at an amateur level. When Virginia occupied these Spanish colonies, hopes for a professional league grew. William Shea created the Western Baseball and planned for its first season to be in 1954, but it was postponed because of Castro's Rebellion. It would be 8 years until the rebellion ended. The destruction caused by the rebellion stalled the league for another 4 years. In 1968, the league finally played its first season with 5 teams. 

List of Teams

East Division

South Division

New Barcelona (OTL New Orleans) Captains

Baton Rouge Explorers

Houston Stars

Little Rock Indians

Oklahoma Ranchers

North Division

St. Louis Eagles

Kansas City Kings

Wichita Pilots

Topeka Lions

Philip City Kings

West Conference

South Division

Arizona Sidewinders

Santa Fe Saints

El Paso Miners

Albuquerque Roadrunners

Tucson Sandstorms

North Division

Southern Mexico Mountaineers

Denver Rockies

Salt Lake City Wildfire

Nebraska Trailblazers

Las Vegas Pioneers

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