Green - Western American Union Orange - Greater American Cooperative

CSA Proposal

The CSA's proposal: Cede all Texan land north of New Orleans to the CSA and the CSA will help Texas expand to the south.

  • Texas: Personally, I'm not too keen on this, mostly because that's a huge chunk of land they want, but I figured I'd give California and Cascadia a say in what I should do, because they are pledging troops, and ultimately, the decision affects them as well as us.
  • California Republic: I also am against this. Giving up this land would go against the reason we joined this war: to stop the Confederates from gaining an inch of Texan soil. We should push for an end to the war with no change in territories, and should we win it, giving a little to Texas, to allow for easier reconstruction of destroyed Texan towns.
  • Texas: What do you think of this proposal: Both parties agree to peace and we merge our unions, creating an American Union. Then, we can claim parts of North America, so that no war has to be fought on American soil over land again.
  • Ohio: Ohio thinks that it is a sound plan to ensure political stablility in America, but states that this proposal must also go to the CSA. Ohio supports this notion and is more than willing to move toward it but it is ultimately the CSA's choice as it is their war. I am merely an ally supporting him in his efforts.

Carolinian Alliance

Alliance with Carolina: Seeing as how we share a common enemy with Carolina, should we offer them an invitation to join the Alliance?

  • Texas: Personally, I'm all for it.
  • California: I don't see any reason not to invite them.
  • Texas: Okay, let's do it. Would you do the honors?
  • California: Sure. Thanks.
  • CSA: The Carolina Rebellion has been crushed, and a treaty is being written on the North American Cooperative Page.

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