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The USSR, having won several important battles, smashes through German resistance to capture Berlin, April 4th, 1939. The Germans unconditionally surrender, giving the USSR control over Eastern Europe... or so it seems. However, the British, knowing that now that their common enemy has been defeated, peace will not last, launches a preemptive strike, attacking from the Balkans and Western Germany at the same time. Eastern Europe is crushed, and the Soviets are forced to flee to Siberia. But the Allies don't stop there. They chase them across Siberia, forcing them into Kamchatka and making them sign the the Treaty of Cologne. 3/4 of Siberia, the Eastern portion, is given to the USSR. The remainder is made into the Kiev Republic, effectively a British Puppet. Germany is split between Poland (another British Puppet). The Americans, meanwhile, are attcked by the Japanese, but the war lasts just a year and ends with status quo ante bellum, except for Japanese control over the Chinese coast and the Solomon Islands.

10 years later, three blocs have emerged: the British led European Bloc, the American-led American Bloc, and the Japanese-led Asian bloc. The three blocs slowly become more and more isolated, until they are somewhat unified. India, with ties to both the European Bloc and the Asian Bloc, is one of few exceptions.

But how will this end?

Three Sided World War

World Unification

Nuclear Holocaust

The Royal Guns (talk) 13:49, July 11, 2012 (UTC)

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