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West Virginia (1234)

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West Virginia


During the civil war Cabell and Wayne counties left the United Provinces (The successors of the USA). Later other counties left and soon took the name Western Virginia. Shortly thereafter Huntington became the capital, which was later moved to Charleston.


Arthur I. Borman (R) (1 term)

Alfred F. Fredizerftury (I-R) (2 Terms)

Hunter R. Borman, Jr. (R) (2 Terms)

William Farehood (R) (½ Term)

Robert "Bob" B. Boop (R) (1½)

Dary LeMartain (D) (1 Term)

Bob Carl (D) (2 Terms)

Nick I. M. Sick (2 Terms) {Party Unknown}

Larry Duo (R) (2 Terms)

Nick I. M. Sick (1 Term)

Dary Daily (R) (2 Terms)

Bob Carl Jr. (D) (1 Term)

Steve Manchin (D) (2 Terms)

Jo Oak Ann Ken (R) (1 Term)

Hunter Steve (R) (1 Term)

Bobby Guu (R) (2 Terms) {Govner during WWI)

Hunter Steve (I) (1 Term)

Bobby Guu (R) (3 Terms) {Governor during WWII)

C. A. Underwood (R) (1 Term) {Governor during WWII and youngest governor)

Tiger Guu (R) (1 Term)

Joe Manchin Sr. (D) (2 Terms)

Jane Carl (D) (2 Terms)

Hunter Young (R-D) (2 Terms) {First Immigrant Governor}

Joe Manchin Jr. (D) (1 Term)

C.A. Underwood (R) (2 Terms) {oldest governor}

Joe Manchin (D) (2 Terms) {grandson governor: See Joe Manchin Sr.}

Russ Weeks (R) (TBA; At least one)

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