Rzeczpospolita Polska
Republika Polska
West Republic of Poland
1953 –
Flag of Poland (with coat of arms) COA of the Second Polish Republic
Mazurek Dąbrowskiego
Capital Warsaw
Official language Polish
Government Republic
Head of state
- 1918-1922

- 1926-1935

- 1922
- 1922-1926
- 1926 –

Naczelnik państwa
Józef Piłsudski
De facto Dictator
Józef Piłsudski
Gabriel Narutowicz
S. Wojciechowski
Ignacy Mościcki

Head of government
- 1918
- 1926
- 1935
- 1936 –
Prime Minister
Ignacy Daszyński
Wincenty Witos
Walery Sławek
Felicjan Składkowski
- 1921
- 1931
- 1939

387,000 km²
388,634 km²
389,720 km²
Population 34,849,000 (1938 est.)
Historical era
- Independence
- May Coup d'Etat
- Occupation by Germany
- Liberation
Interwar period
November 11, 1918
12 May 1926
30 September 1939
30 April 1953
Currency Złoty

Following WW-II Poland was reconstructed by the victorious allies. However the Soviet Union refused to hand back the territories it had taken from Poland in 1939. This halved Poland. The territories given to it from Germany failed to reconcile the Poles. Today, West Poland is a minor member of the European union, and an aggressive member, constantly demanding war with the Soviets to regain its lost territories. The endless terrorist war with the German GLF in East Prussia, which was given to Poland, further strains resources.

During the Sino-Soviet war, some West Polish units actually attacked Soviet border troops. The attacks were failures, and the Soviets publicised them to the world, to the great embarrassment of both the EC and NATO.


West Poland holds all of the western part of Poland, along with the German territories of East Prussia, and parts of Silesia.


West Poland has one of the largest militaries in the whole of the EC.

  • Poland is not yet lost
  • while we live
  • We will fight (with swords) for all/
  • That our enemies had taken from us.
                       - Polish National Anthem

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