West Papua
Timeline: Battle for Earth: Prime
Morning Star flag West-Papua1961-6 (grey background)
Flag Coat of Arms

Loyaal, Betrouwbaar, Toegenegen (Dutch)
("Loyal, Honest, Affectionate")

Anthem "O, mijn land Papoea"
(and largest city)
  others 269 recognized Austronesian and Papuan languages
Animism, Christianity
  others Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam
Demonym Papuan
Government Unitary parliamentary democracy under constitutional monarchy
  legislature Estates of West Papua
Area 420,540 km²
Established September 20th, 1971
Currency Papuan Gulden
Time Zone UTC+9
Calling Code +693
Internet TLD .wp
Organizations United Nations, Dutch Commonwealth
West Papua, often refered to as simply Papua, is the only member of the Dutch Commonwealth located in Oceania.

The country became independent in 1971 when a internationally supported referendum was held. A majority of voters supported independence from Indonesia and closer alignment with Western nations, at first due to culture differences with the rest of Indonesia, but later because of defense concerns after Indonesia was devastated by the Promethean Invasion of Earth.

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