Republic of West Kongo
Republikken Vest Kongos (Danish)
Timeline: Napoleon's World
800px-Flag of West Kongo.svg
Flag of West Kongo
WestKongo Africa NW
Location of West Kongo
(and largest city)
  others various native languages
Demonym West Kongan
Government Republic
  legislature Congress of West Kongo
Prime Minister
Population 97,567,120 
Independence from Denmark
  declared 1944
  recognized 1944
Currency West Kongan dollar
Calling Code +242
Internet TLD .wk

The Republic of the West Kongo is a central, sub-Saharan African nation. The country is located east of New Germany, south of Camenbal, west of East Kongo and north of Zululand.

With a population of 97,567,000 people, West Kongo is an enormously populous country and is rich with resources, but is also impoverished and notoriously unstable. With its instability fueled by conflicts with neighboring East Kongo as well as a history of authoritarian regimes, ethnic cleansing amongst its various tribes, a mass emigration of its white ruling class in the 1960's and 1970's, and diseases, the country is regarded as one of the five least reliable trading partners and has not experienced the same corporate investment by French or American companies as other African states in the latter half of the 20th century.

A former Danish colony, West Kongo has a very small white, Scandinavian-speaking minority, and Danish is the official national language, although it is only typically found on official government correspondence.

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