United Republic of Korea and Japan
공화국 일심 동체의 한국과 일본의
Timeline: French Brazil

OTL equivalent: West Japan, North Korea and South Korea
JapanKoreaFlag JapanKoreaCoA
Flag Seal
Location of West Japan

강성대국 or パワフルかつ豊かな国 (Korean/Japanese)
("Powerful and Prosperous Nation")

Anthem "Aegukka (Patriotic Song)"
Capital Osaka (Japan)

Pyongyang (Korea)
Seoul (Union Capital)

Largest city Seoul
  others Chinese
Religion Buddhism
Demonym Japanese, Korean
Government Semi-Presidential Uni-parliamentary union of two Republics
  legislature Osaka Congress

Pyongyang Congress
Seoul United Assembly

President of Korea and Japan Lee Myung-bak
  Party: New Frontier (Korea)
Prime Minister Shinzō Abe (Japan)
Independence from Empire of Japan
  declared 1980
  recognized Not recognized by Empire of Japan or United Nations
Currency United Won and Republican Yen
The United Republic of Korea and Japan is a nation in Asia, not recognized by the United Nations or East Japan.

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