The West Indies Federation is a nation in the Caribbean.
West Indies Federation
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

To dwell together in unity (English)

Anthem "God Save the Queen"
(and largest city)
Other cities Kingston
Language English
Demonym West Indian
Legislature Parliament of the West Indies
Governor General Patrick Allen
Prime Minister Zackary Lum
Area 249,141 km²
Population 6,312,946 
Established 1937
Currency West Indies Pound


The West Indies Federation was founded in the aftermath of the Fascist Coup in Britain as a method of maintaining stability within the Caribbean. The federation was comprised of all British Colonies within the region and was initially dominated by British settlers within the Caribbean. Upon the foundation of the federation a constitution was quickly drawn and elections were held to the new federal parliament.

The early years of the federation were marked by the dominance of the British settler population which held a monopoly of positions within the government and held significant sway over the decisions made by the government. This dominance was maintained for several decades until the widespread demonstrations of 1973 in which the majority Afro-Caribbean population called for equal treatment on the government, leading to widespread political reform and the opening up of government and other leading positions in West Indian society to the non-British population, however despite this the British settler population still enjoy a disproportionate influence compared to their size and enjoy a higher standard of living compared to the majority of the population.


The Federation comprises 16 territories, each of which was a former British colony within the region and each of which is allotted a minimum amount of representatives within the Federal Parliament

The Parliament consists of two houses, the elected House of Representatives, which acts as the lower house of the Parliament and traditionally held more power, and the Senate, which serves as the upper house.

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