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Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Federal Republic of Germany
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
1990-2004 Succeeded by
Proposed German National Flag 1948Germany
Flag of Germany Coat of arms of Germany
Flag of West Germany Coat of Arms of West Germany
Location of West Germany

Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit (German)
("Unity and Justice and Freedom")

Anthem: "Das Lied der Deutschen"
Capital: Münster
Largest city: Münster
Language: German
Type of government: Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
Currency: Deutsche Mark
West Germany (German: West Deutschland), officially the Federal Republic of Germany  or FRG (German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland or BRD) was a sovereign state located in central europe prior to the German Reunification.


With the destruction of Bonn, the central leadership of the nation was destroyed. However, in Münster a small group of minor government officials survived, and formed a provisional government around the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. Soon thereafter, communications were made with a helicopter carrying members of the West Berlin government, which set course for Münster. Whilst West Berlin was a separate entity to West Germany, it shared some agreements, and the high ranking officials gave the provisional government hope. Over the next few months control in the West was consilidated. Whilst minor firefights were reported with East German and Warsaw Pact units on the border, no contact was made and it seemed that the East was dealing with their own problems. By 1974 the West German government had expanded into Lower Saxony and made use of the sea access, and in 1977 contact was made with East Germany. Whilst technically still at war and not recognising each other, the two states begrudingly accepted a ceasefire. In 1978 contact was made with Bavaria.

The next decade saw German expansion and consolidation of control, with minor border clashes with the East. However, on the 3rd September 1986.

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