Template:Increation This is the main page for the timeline called West Coast Secession.

This timeline tells a story of oil, secession, and recovery. It provides history of the states and provinces involved, as well as what led up to the states seceding.

WCS is the story of how the USA hit peak oil in the early 2010's. Oregon was the first to go, followed by Washington, Northern California, and finally British Columbia. What resulted, was Cascadia.


Our Point of Divergence (PoD) takes place in late 2010 / early 2011, where oil shortages become apparent and fast approaching. This is shortly after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster, which exploded in late April of 2010. The DH disaster leaked for (PoD) 170 days into early October, where the relief wells had been completed, the "top kill" and "bottom kill" had sealed off the well, and oil had finally stopped flowing. 310 million gallons of oil were lost (7.38 million barrels), and subsequently, gas prices rose. The average price before the DH disaster was about 2.87/gallon. In early October, when the oil stopped flowing, gas had reached a price of 4.60/gallon.

More to come...

Profiles of the Republic of Cascadia

These pages will take you to the varying aspects of this timeline.

Main Profiles

History Profiles

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