United Empire of West Africa
Empire-Uni de Afrique de l'Ouest
Timeline: French Brazil

OTL equivalent: West Africa and some of North Africa
Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889) CoA Empire of Brazil (1847-1889)
Flag Coat of Arms
West Africa and it composing regions: Sultanate of Morocco, Sultanate of Mali, Kingdom of Ivory Coast, Kingdom of Tripolitania and Kingdom of Carthage

Force, Union, Religion (French)
("Strength, Unity, Religion")

Anthem "Song of West"
Capital Carthage
Largest city Casablanca
Other cities Tripoli, Rabat, Timbuktu, Bamako, Abdjan
  others Native African languages
Roman Catholic and Islamism
  others Several African Sects, Greek Orthodox
Demonym West African
Government Union of monarchies under a single parliament
  legislature Carthage Assembly (Senate, Chambers of Deputies)
Emperor of West Africa Mohammed VI of Morocco
  Imperial House: Alaouite
Prime Senator Abdelilah Benkirane
Established Colonization - 1820

Division - 1900

Independence from Empire of Brazil
  declared September 11, 1960
  recognized September 11, 1960
Currency West Africa Cross
Organizations United Nations
West Africa is nation in Africa, that have a relative stability in the continent. It is divided in five monarchies with their own parliament and monarch, but elect between then a monarch to the Empire, and a united parliament.