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Strasserism Hammer and Sword
Kingdom of Wessex (English)
Westseaxna Rīce (Anglo-Saxon)
Timeline: Nordica
OTL equivalent: Wessex
Flag of Essex Essex and Flag of Sussex Sussex
519 - 87?
Ravne flag Great Heathen Army
Flag of Wessex.svg.png
Wessex 870.png
Map of Wessex (in Red)
Official languages Anglo-Saxon
Ethnic groups  Anglo-Saxon
Demonym Wessaxon
Religion Christian, Pagan
Government Monarchy
 -  King Æthelred of Wessex (865-87?)
 -  Established 519 
Currency Sceat

The Kingdom of Wessex was an Anglo-Saxon kingdom of England. The Kingdom would be conquered by the Great Heathen Army under Ivar the Boneless in 87?.


Pre-Invasion Period

Invasion Period

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