Weltreich Flag

Flag of the Weltreich

The Weltreich or World Empire in Britain, 世界帝国 in Japan, Règle des Nations in France, Impero globale in Italy, Império Mundial in Portugal and Gran Dominio in Spain is an international organization whose stated aims are multilateral economical development, international security and the achievement of world peace. The Weltreich was founded in 1949 after World War II to promote an organized relationship among nations in a way to prevent further wars driven by disputes over land and resources needed for the development of industrial societies.

There are a total of 17 member states which comprise over 72 colonial possessions and territorial dependencies. The organization is divided into administrative bodies, primarily: the Council of Representatives (which arrange decisions and report them directly to the Great Leader); the Assembly of International Security (responsible for developing and implementing solutions to internal and external security issues); the Bureau of Resources and Economical Development (analysis and planning on the distribution of the organization's resources in the progress of its members). Subdivisions of these bodies such as the Technological Development Initiative (IDO), Institute of Racial Rights (IRR) and Organization for Cultural Preservation (OCP) deal with other more specific matters to the Weltreich.

The head of the organization holds the position of Great Leader which is directly appointed by its predecessor, the one holding the position has total authority over the organization's activities. While the Great Leader has the power to intervene in any decision made by the administrative bodies of the organization he does so only when the resolutions generate conflict among its nation members or with the general policies adopted by the leader.


Amidst World War II in 1947 the Axis Powers were striving to keep control of occupied countries and maintain hold of their acquired territories.

Japan, after five years fighting the United States was on the brink of total collapse. Most of its industry was hazed to ground by continuous allied bombing campaigns, raw material were short and most of them had to be imported from German occupied territories. Japanese occupied territories were also dependent of German reinforcements to be kept in control from revolts.

Italy has led a failed campaign in North Africa which culminated in Mussolini being overthrew and killed in 1943, it took a later intervention of Germany in Italy and North Africa to re-establish the fractured empire to fighting conditions.

Germany itself was on a difficult situation. Despite managing to save its industrial capacity from severe damage, the need of soldiers to control occupied territories and fight in the front lines became so large it threatened Germany to crumble due to lack of manpower.

To further difficulties, resistance movements among occupied countries and their overseas possessions became impossible to control without the aid of local support.

If nothing was done to attain stability and peace within their sphere of control all Axis Powers would soon fall before the partisan movements and the American might.

The Himmels-Einheit Sect, the high echelon behind the NSDAP realized German allies were in no condition to resist intervention on their governments in the face of overwhelming odds.

Time had come to enact the core objective envisioned in their agenda, the nationalistic selfishness that plagued the great powers of the old world should be cast under the strings of a dominant world order that enacted balance and peace among the superior civilizations.

Germany threatened to pull out its forces and cut their aid to Japan and Italy were they not to comply with the signature of the upcoming treaty.

Turkey surrounded by German occupied territories and having several German divisions aiding them in the war front would be invaded and subjected to protectorate if it refused to agree.

Occupation established fascist governments were all but completely dependent on the Wehrmacht to remain in power.

Under request from the German Führer the leaders of the would be 17 member countries reunited in a historic encounter in the city of Jerusalem were before the burn down remnants of the Western Wall they signed the creational act of the Weltreich.

With the participants formally agreeing under the terms of the new treaty and the recently crowned Großer Führer dispatched SS elite troops to safeguard his electors, their families and associates.

Now that the purpose of the war was fulfilled he send an order for German missile bases in Europe to fire atomic warheads against North American most important cities to bring forth the end of the conflict.

The Americans fought back dropping plane based atomic weapons against Japan and Germany but after one week of nuclear exchange both sides subsided and a peace treaty was signed effectively ending the conflict.

The remaining resistance forces after losing American support and witnessing the powers of the bomb either surrendered or disappeared to the shadows vowing to continue fighting by terrorist acts if necessary.

Regardless of the destruction, oppression and bloodshed spurred by the war that took place before it, the new world organization was now firmly crystalized with nearly unlimited resources to rebuild the world as it saw fit.

A new age of unity and peace through force had begun before a bloody sunset and it will last through the long night before dawn.

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