Golden Dragon of Wales Flag

The Welsh Rebellion Front is a rebellion organisation in Wales, it's goal to achieve Wales their independence from the United Kingdom of the Celts. The rebellion orginisation is based in Tenby, in South Wales, but covers most of Wales. The leader of this front is Thomas Ward.


The Welsh Rebellion Front was formed on what would be one of the most destroyes months of all time, November 1962. The United Kingdom of the Celts had already been securing their control over the British Isles and many people in Wales believed it was a runaway state of the British monarchy, who lead them into this mess. They formed on the 13th November 1962 in a meeting in Tenby Hall. Thomas Ward formed the country, a man who use to work in the coal mines in Wales. Their was lots of popularity for this called 'Welsh Rebellion Front' and it managed to gain influence over most of Wales.

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