==Formation of the Kingdom of Wales

OTL equivalent: Welsh -Brythonic Commonwealth
Brythonic Flag 5 545px-Coat of arms of Wales svg
Flag Coat of Arms

Cymru am byth (Welsh)
("Wales for ever")

Anthem "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau"
Capital Cardiff
Largest city Cardiff
Other cities Gerth Ceyern, Rennes
  others Brythonic
  others Shmidtist, Pagan, Secular
Ethnic Groups
  others Brythonic, Cornish
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature General Assembly
Monarch King Alexi I
  Duke: House of Novgorod
Prime Minister Robert Williams
Population 11,090.798 
Established 1945
Currency Pound Sterling
Time Zone UTC
Calling Code +2
Organizations League of Nations, European Council, Global Research Group

in 1910 the Kingdom of Wales was established in the South Eastern part of Britain. Wales quickly built up its military for defense and began a long campaign for peace in Europe.

Berlin- Denmark War (1914)

Wales was allied to both Denmark and Berlin before the war broke out. At first Wales tried to remain neutral in the conflict because King Alfred did not wish to offend any one ally, but as soon as France became involved, Wales had no choice but to join on Denmark's side with France as Wales ally. The War raged on for several years before Berlin was declared the victor and the German Union was formed.

Post War and the forming of the European Council

After the war, King Alfred feared another long and bloody war in Europe. To help prevent this he formed the European Council, which was supposed to ensure minimal conflict between European Nations. At first only Wales, France, Denmark, Russia, and the German Union were in it. But by careful diplomacy, King Alfred managed to get most of Europe to join.

the Collectivist War

Wales had to deal with Collectivists ever since South Ireland broke free from Vietnam. At first Wales was content with leaving the Irish alone, but after several years of fighting rebellions caused by the revolutionary Collectivists elements coming from South Ireland, the King declared war on South Ireland in 1918. The war lasted two years and resulted in the overthrow of the Collectivist government. The war was far from over though. Wales may have crushed and annexed South Ireland, but the Collectivist riots continued to spread. The King, fearing the worst, declared that all Collectivists be imprisoned or shot. This action angered Wales ally Russia. The next year that order was overturned due to international pressure. The King met with the leader, Sam Webber, who lead the peaceful demonstrations, and asked what it is they want. Webber stated he wanted nothing more than a democratic process and for the King not to have sole power. After consideration, King Alfred established the General Assembly and Sam Webber was installed as Prime Minister by popular vote.

The Pan Celtic Union

After Webber's installation as PM Wales changed its name through referendum to the Pan Celtic Union. This name was chosen to honour the past of Wales and Ireland, both were ancient Celtic nations. After the name was established, work began into strengthening foreign relations.

Threats to the EC

The EC was supposed to ensure peace in Europe but before long, two EC nations, Britain and Denmark went to war over the country of Norway. Britain stated that the Danish had no right to oppress the Norwegian people. In order to stave off a costly European War, Prime Minister Webber asked both Denmark and Britain to leave the EC until matters were resolved. after several years they were allowed to rejoin the EC after the conflict.

The Great Collapse of 1944

After several years of unsuccessful war the Pan Celtic Union dissolved into chaos, with brother against brother and father against son, the Union split into two, The Provisional Kingdom of Wales and South Ireland. Later in 1945 Britain absorbed South Ireland-reforming a much more ancient Celtic Union. During the rebellions King Andrew was forcibly dethroned because of his treatment of the Irish and is complete foreign policy failure. Rather than be imprisoned for his perceived crimes, King Andrew jumped from is Palace window to his death seven stories down.


With King Andrew dead, the Provisional Government (which still wanted a King) searched all over the remaining members of the Union-Cornwall and Wales- to find an heir. to their dismay King Andrew was a closet homosexual and therefor never had any children. In the General Assembly established its second Emergency meeting of the year - something that had never happened before- to scour birth records in the past to find somebody of high enough stature of Royal birth to become the new Monarch. The entire Assembly was taken aback when Russian Emperor Alexi II stated that he contended to be the next Monarch of the Welsh Commonwealth. Researched poured over old Royal House documents and indeed discovered that Emperor Alexi is in line for the throne, and after the bloody civil war that killed most of the royal family, is more than eligible to become King of the Welsh Commonwealth. The Assembly is now in session on whether or not to accept Alexi as the King. Alexi proposes that Wales join the Russian Commonwealth of States, which according to him, would allow Wales to remain sovereign but be under the protection and influence of Russia, Russia also stated that Wales would have seats in the Russian Duma - as per Welsh population -. Seeing as the Russian Monarch is actually the same Monarch as the Commonwealth, many people are completely lost on what to do.

The Commonwealth of Wales

The Commonwealth of Wales was formed in 1945 just after the vote on whom should be King. The Commonwealth saw a drop in unemployment as well as the growth of the military and economy. Under the Commonwealth, Wales was restored to world prominence. The Commonwealth developed the color T.V, a new jet engine, established the Securities Committee, the Global Research Group, and the Ministry of Space Exploration.

Birth of the Welsh-Brythonic Commonwealth

After many years of propaganda and shrewd diplomacy, Wales managed to have Brittany secede from France and join Wales, as it is a culturally close nation. Under the new Commonwealth Brittany is established as a state and has full rights in the General Assembly. The headquarters of the Ministry of Space Exploration is move to Brittany to allow for safer space flight testing.


Bolded means approved. Denmark


German Union




Italicized means maybe Italy


Bolded means having hostile relations to His Majesty's Government


Bold Italic means has been placed on humanitarian watchlist for cruelty


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