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Republic of Weland
Timeline: The Sky Filled With Stars
TSFWS Weland No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Rhyddid neu farwolaeth (Welsh)

Capital Caenarvon Newydd
Largest city Gwaredigaethau
  others English
Religion Catholic (>99%), Unknown
Ethnic Groups
  others Taíno (15-18%) English (<1-1%)
Demonym Weilaeg
Legislature Council of the Stone
Prime Minister Merrion Howell
Area 76,480 km2
Population 6,690,000 (2002 est.) 
Independence from England
  declared 1871
Currency Angorau (AN)
Time Zone UTC -5
Calling Code +54
Internet TLD .wel
To do- Mention something about settlers of all nationalities departing the living hell that has become Europe for a better life, English colonialism over the natives and immigrants, bloody revolution, new semi-fascist government ruling over a violently patriotic and xenophobic Welsh populace.

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