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The government of Weimar received foreign aid from the USSR, and other nations, enabling them to win the war against the Nazi's. Himmler is captured and executed. With the war over, the Weimar Republic recovers their stability that they were lacking before the war. They bring up the economies of the other nations of Europe, and the continent enters another golden age. Stalin gives up his ambitions of conquest as his country prospers with the rest of Europe. The conflicts of Earth are not in Europe. Nations begin demilitarizing to put the men of the army into the workforce. The nations of Europe also peacefully give up Empire as they are influenced by democratic ideology.

This all changes with the development of the atomic bomb in the late 1950's. The extremist elements were not gone, they had merely gone underground. Now, there was a chance for their nations to assume what they thought was their rightful place in the world. Soon, extremist elements were growing, and establishing alliances of convenience with each other.

War begins. Germany and Russia engage in a titanic struggle, while warfare engulfs Africa. The war lasts for years, and only gets more bloody as time goes on. Chemical weapons, nuclear bombs, all the destructive weapons of mankind are used as time goes on. The United States throws it's hat into the ring, but even they are not immune from the war. Nuclear bombs fly, on the heads of newly developed ICBM's. It is only after 7 years of near total warfare that cooler heads prevail, and the war ends.

It is a sad world that has survived. Much of the world has been wrecked by the fighting. Confidence in the goodness of humanity has been irrevocably shaken. The world eventually recovers, but it is a much sadder world. Militaries are increased, as nations no longer trust each other. The modern world stands eternally in vigilance, ever looking for attacks. This world has been scarred by war, more terrible than we can imagine. The road to recovery will be long, and not easy, but it is coming.

End of Timeline

Created by: Azecreth 18:11, December 2, 2010 (UTC)

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