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The negotiations in Berlin are breaking down, with little headway being made on the major issues. The peace can't last.

France sees the chaos in Germany and decides to secure strategic resources in order to prevent them from falling into the hands of the Nazi's. They deploy forces into the Rhineland, and begin incorporating it into France, using the excuse of the Germans breaking the Treaty of Versailles as an excuse. They also hope that the industrial resources would help the French economy, which had been declining with the rest of Europe.

When news of the French invasion of the Rhineland comes in, the impending war is put on hold. Both opposing forces decide that the French must be removed from German soil, before it is too late. Hindenburg issues a statement from Berlin pledging to make the French pay for the infringement of German soil. Together, Wiemar and Nazi forces begin moving to the Rhineland. The German economy explodes as the country gears up for war.

The Wiemar and Nazi forces come into conflict with French forces, and start forcing them back. Only the lack of heavy weapons prevents the French from being totally repulsed. the British refuse to support the French, as they see this as a war of France's starting. Meanwhile, a resistance starts in the French controlled Rhineland, and France decides that it is too costly to continue occupation there. they fully expect Germany to launch another attack, and then Britain will come to their aid. But, the Germans decide that they have to only have a defensive war despite the pushing of the nationalists.

In the end, the war is resolved in a stalemate, with nothing gained, nothing lost. However, the German economy is now stronger thanks to the war. The French have been cowed by their impulsiveness, and the Wiemar government has gained respect in the world. What happens next?

The civil war restarts

Hindenburg dies and Himmler takes control

Himmler dies and the Nazi movement falls apart.

Created by: Azecreth 19:15, September 22, 2010 (UTC)

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