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After 2 and 1/2 weeks of tense negotiations, a peace treaty is worked out between the Weimar govenrment and the Nazi's. Weimar agrees to put some Nazis in high ranking government positions and other conditions. Many in the Republic believe that this is a very one-sided treaty, bu the charisma of the Weimar President and the peace elements in the Reichstag means that the treaty pass. With the war over, the Nazi's begin incorporating themselves back into society. Weimar disbands their army. Things are quiet for a few years, but Weimar falls back into tough economic times. People look at the ineffective govenrment and decide that it must be replaced, for the good of the German people. What will replace the defunct republic?

Weimar Communists Coup the Government  before the Nazi's can act

Nazi's Rise Up Again in Weimar

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