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The Wiemer Republic, facing a two way Civil War, is unsure which side to support: the DUS (German Unitary State) or the Nazi Party. However, a small, persistent Conservative and Nationalist faction in the Republic actively supports Himmler and the Nazi's, and they are most active in the army and the civil service. By mid-1932, it is clear that the Weimar Republic is willing to back the Nazi's: the army is already beginning to train the Stormtroopers, and increasing harassment of the DUS is increasingly by the day.

Joseph Stalin has been keeping a close eye on the situation in Germany. After all, a strong Germany, lead by either the Nazi's or the DUS, might try to attack the USSR. Stalin realizes he has a great weapon in Germany, the Communist Party. If the Communist Party is ordered to support one side over the other, it will be more likely that side (hopefully the weaker side!) will win, but leave Germany in such a state as to not be able to threaten Russian territory. Or, maybe a strong, COMMUNIST Germany was better for the USSR?

What does Stalin do?

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