Deutsches Reich
(Weimarer Republik)

German Reich
(Weimar Republic)
Client state of the Soviet Union (1918-25)
Flag of the German Empire.svg
1918–1933 Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945).svg
Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio).svg Coat of arms of Germany.svg
Flag of the Weimar Republic State Emblem of the Weimar Republic
Das Lied der Deutschen
Capital Berlin
Official language German
Religion None (State atheism)
Government Communist (before 1925) democratic Republic
 - 1918-1925 Friedrich Ebert
 - 1925-1933 Paul von Hindenburg
 - 1918 Philipp Scheidemann (first)
 - 1933 Adolf Hitler (last)
Legislature Reichstag
 - State Council Reichsrat
Historical era Interwar period Cold War, World War II
 - Republic declared 9 November 1918
 - Machtergreifung 30 January 1933
Currency Reichsmark (ℛℳ)

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