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Though, initially, the war goes well for the Soviets, soon after the capture of Berlin things start to go very wrong.

After the capture of Berlin the Weimar government is forced to move to Hannover, but from there it releases the Hold Line order, basically insisting that beyond Berlin, nothing falls. Nothing does fall, either. The Soviets are forced to pull out of Cottbus after sustaining losses of higher than a million. The Dresden attack is intercepted by German air power, the vanguard broken, and the supply lines cut by raiding parties from Cottbus. They are forced to pull back, or else be trapped by the Germans. Berlin is attacked four times by the Weimar, the fourth attempt successful. The Soviets are pushed, inch by bloody inch, out of Germany, then into Poland. The Germans don't stop there, though. Attacks continue until they reach Warsaw, where nearly five million Soviet troops make a stand against half their number of Germans. But the Germans are smarter, and budding general Erwin Rommel leads a surprise attack, pushing the Germans into the Northern section of Warsaw, which the Germans are unable to penetrate. However, instead, they besiege it, launching massive artillery strikes everyday. By the time the exhausted Soviet army pulls up the white flag, there are just three million left. Most do not have ammo, have not eaten in a week, not drunk in five days, and not slept in four. Over a million died not because of German shelling but because of starvation or thirst. The Soviet armies are truly defeated, and when those two and a half million are moved to the French border, a reluctant renegotiation of the Treaty of Versailles occurs. Poland is annexed to Germany.

The Soviets want revenge. But first they need resources.

Attack China

Attack Finland

The Royal Guns (talk) 07:04, July 12, 2012 (UTC)

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