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The Weimar government decides that it would be foolhardy to fight off the Nazi's without at least an attempt for peace. They don't want to be slaughtering their German brothers. On January 10, 1938, the Weimar government approaches the Nazi movement about attempting to make a peace. Himmler agrees reluctantly, and they begin talks.

The talks go on for weeks, but little progress is made. The two sides just have nothing in common to agree on. Finally, Himmler decides that it is a wasted effort, and launches his forces in a surprise attack on the Weimar forces outside Berlin. Despite a valiant defense, the Weimar forces are driven back into the city. The government, what is left there, evacuates from Berlin in the face of the Nazi's. Reinforcements arrive to aid the Weimar forces, and they start giving the Nazi's what they have been taking. The greater experience of the Weimar forces begins to show itself and the Nazi's are driven back.

All over Germany, Weimar and Nazi forces battle each other for control of the country. The Weimar forces have the experience, but the Nazi's have the fanaticism. The war is pretty much a stalemate, although Weimar forces are getting limited support from the Allies, who don't want to see a Nazi dominated Germany. The war must end in victory or defeat. Neither side is willing to make peace with the other any more. Who will win the German Civil War?

The Nazi's

The Weimar Republic

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