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Weilaeg War of Independence (The Sky Filled With Stars)

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Weilaeg War of Independence

June 30, 1866


February 28, 1871


The island of New Wales


Independence for Weland

Major battles:

Battle of Y Mynydd Cerrig, Siege of Gwardigaethau, Battle of Y Groes Chith


Weilraeg Revolutionary Banner Weilaeg Revolutionary Association
Taíno tribes

Flag of England Kingdom of England


Weilraeg Revolutionary Banner Cadwgan Reese

Flag of England Anderson Bolton
Flag of England David Aitkin


70,000 Association-trained militia, unknown number of converted transports

18,000 regular soldiers and loyalist militia, 30 warships

Casualties and Losses

30,000 militia, unknown number of converted transports

17,000 soldiers, 19 warships

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