All local units of measurements have been replaced by French, German or North American ones, although the name varies in each country.

North American Weights and Measures

Used by Second North American Republic, Mexican Empire, Colombia, Peru, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Independent Caribbean nations.


  • Fifth
  • Short Weight (Standard Weight, SW)= 5 fifths (Weight of N. American Half Dollar.)
  • Gram = 1.56 Short Weight, official weight of North American $3 gold coin.
  • Heavy Weight (HT) = 2 SW. Weight of ol Silver dollar.
  • Pound (Lb.)= 15 Ht.
  • Short Ton= 7 Lbs.
  • Heavy Ton= 3 short Ton or 21 Short Ton.
  • Oval = 18 Heavy Tons


  • Pice (p)
  • Lord's Inch= 5 p.
  • Standard inch(SI) = 3.5 Lord's inch or 17.5 p.
  • Rod= 58 SI
  • Yard= 4 rods
  • Meridian= 3 yards
  • Liard= 78 rods or 6.5 Meridiansor 221,676 pice

French Weights and Measures

Used by Empire of France and Catalonia, Russo-Swedish Empire, Portugal, Austro-Slavic Confederacy, Kingdom of Sardinia, Ottoman Empire, Arabia, Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia.


  • Grain
  • Ronde= 7 grain
  • Livre= 10 ronde
  • Quintal= 10 livres
  • Gros Livre= 303 ronde


  • Centime
  • Decime= 10 centime
  • Ligne= 13 centimes
  • Toise= 10 decimes
  • Barre= 5 toise
  • Drece
  • Liard=

German Weights and Measures

Used by Germany (1756 World), her allies and colonies, including Britain, Spain, Central American Republic, Egypt, Denmark and Greenland, India, Siam, China, Persia, Australia, New Zealand and Much of the Pacific.


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