The Foundation of the Kingdom of Wei

Wei was founded much like Chu. Paramilitary resistance leaders that existed in the Han Dynasty moved for
Kingdom of Wei

The Kingdom of Wei

independence when the Han Dynasty no longer threatened to put them down. The people of Wei were more agricultural than the other small kingdoms, Wei being more fertile than them. The Protection Orders that were becoming standard in Kingdoms like Chu and Han made their way to Wei as well as the sense of solidarity that the smaller kingdoms had against their Larger neighbors, both other Sinicans and foreign peoples.

List of Leaders of Wei

King Qizhang 啓章 635-641 (118-112 BC)

King Jing 景 641-655 (112-98 BC)

King Lie 烈 655-666 (98-87 BC)

King Ruoshan 若山 666-673(87-80 BC)

King Ai 哀 673-676 (80-77 BC)

Archduke Ai 哀 676-684 (77-69 BC)

Archduke Gong 共 684-699 (69-54 BC)

Archduke Zhuang 莊 699-711 (54-42 BC)

Archduke Yi 懿 711-720 (42-33 BC)

Archduke Cang 倉 720-726 (33-27 BC)

Archduke Xiang'ai 襄哀 726-734 (27-19 BC)

Archduke Xuanhui 宣惠 734-748 (19-5 BC)

Archduke Daoxing 悼襄 748-768 (5 BC -15 AD)

Archduke Xi 厘 768-775 (15-22 AD)

Archduke Fei 廢 775-790 (22-37 AD)

Archduke An 安 790-804 (37-51 AD)

The Second Han Dynasty

The Duchies of the Kingdom of Wei

1. Nanchang 南昌
Duchies of Wei

The Eleven Duchies of the Kingdom of Wei

2. Fuzhou 抚州

3. Ganzhou 赣州

4. Ji'an吉安

5. Jingdezhen 景德镇

6. Jiujiang 九江

7. Pingxiang 萍乡

8. Shangrao 上饶

9. Xinyu 新余

10. Yichun 宜春

11. Yingtan 鹰潭


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