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Weather Republic
Mount Weather Control Zone
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: Northern Virginia
Mount Weather No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

"This We'll Defend" (English)

Anthem "Caisson Song"
Capital Mount Weather
Largest city Winchester
Language English
Demonym Weatherman
Government Military Dictatorship
  legislature Inner Council
Leader Unknown
Currency US Dollar, Salt
The Weather Republic is a nation-state in the Eastern reaches of the former United States.


Mount Weather was a special facility for the relocation of the highest level of civilian and military officials in case of national disaster, such as the Great Nuclear War. The hardened bunkers were designed to withstand a direct nuclear blast. During the hours long conflict, Mount Weather did just that.


Most people living in Virginia regarded Mount Weather with passing interest, or another "Ghost Ruin", filled with the blackened silhouettes of the dead. But in 1975, two divisions of soldier descended from the Mountain. Wielding their superior weapons, they rode in on M116's, tanks, and trucks. They would roll into a town, declare it under the control of Mount Weather, and leave men to enforce their laws. Locals didn't argue much. When they did, they were shot. In this way, they acquiesced turf from the Appalachia to the Potomac.


They continued this pattern, though eventually locals began to push back. The soldiers succumbed to using force to get their way. Many hundreds died. Rebellions were quelled, with blood spilled on either side pooling on the ground. The Weather forces continued to receive resistance, but each quarrel was silenced until only the loyal remained.


The Weather Militia is one of the best equipped armies post-war, with each soldier receiving a load-out nearly identical to that of a pre-war soldier. Their units are highly trained in the use of this equipment, and this makes them a deadly force. The most brutal generals have been known to roll into towns, and completely wipe them out.

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