Weaker France was a puppet state created by Germany after the French Government surrendered in 1918. It existed from 1918 to 1929. It was successful in bringing jobs to France and restoring French Pride, but could never gain its independence back from Germany.



Cities: Lyon, Grenoble
Denomyn: French
Official Language: French
State of Independence: Puppet State
Established: 1918
Currency: Marks
Head of State: Henri-Philippe Petain
Location: Southern France
Type of Government: Transition to Democracy

World War 1

The assassination on June, 28 1914 of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of Austria Hungary, by a Yugoslav Nationalists, began the start of the first World War. Austria-Hungary declared war on Siberia, Russia declared war on Austria-Hungary, etc. Several alliances formed over the previous decades were invoked, so within weeks the major powers were at war; via their colonies, the conflict soon spread around the world. France was involved in this due to its alliance with Russia. War was declared on Germany and Austria-Hungary. A few months later, Germany invaded Belgium and soon invaded France from above. Because most troops were on the French-German border to defend against an attack there. However it quickly bogged down to trench warfare. After many failed offensives on both sides, the Germans won the war on the Eastern Front, allowing them to bring millions of men to the Western front. The German army soon reached Paris, and after a year of siege and battle, Paris was lost to the Germans. France soon surrendered, and L'affaiblissement de France (Weaker France) was soon established in Southern France.

Early Years

In 1918 German troops marched over Weaker France to invade Italy. Then the next year, a joint American-British-Canadian invasion of France began. The French National guard was called in to help combat the threat. They were all gone by the end of the year, and a peace treaty was written and signed the next year. After the war, Weaker France had to pay Germany for the costs of occupation. It was often higher than the actual cost, but the French government couldn't fight them. For the next two years, French leaders and German Business men both negotiated a deal to bring factories over to Southern France. The French economy grew, and a large number of immigrants from Northern France, which was now part of Germany, came over to France to live under a French government. In the mid 20s, Weaker France, following the moves in Germany, begins the transition to democracy. French rebels are given hope when Italy is granted its independence in 1925. The French government begins building up a stockpile of weapons to try and combat the Germans one day. Starting in 1927, the French rebels and government begun receiving supplies from America. After a successful revolt in Paris, Weaker France starts to send aid to the rebels so they can stay longer. Aid is coming in from the French guarded paths to Paris. In 1929 Weaker France started a massive revolt. However, it collapsed once German troops arrived. The leaders of Weaker France were killed for treason, and the rest of France was annexed. This brought the end of Weaker France.