National anthem Pridnestrovie, (Transnistra) English Subs02:57

National anthem Pridnestrovie, (Transnistra) English Subs.

National anthem of New Kamchatka.

"We Praise You, New Kamchatka" (Russian: Мы славим тебя, Новая Камчатка, My slavim tebya, Novaya Kamchatka; Spanish: Te alabamos, Nueva Kamchatka) is the national anthem of the Confederation of New Kamchatka. The anthem was adopted in 2003 and was based on the 1943 song "Long Live Our Power" (Да здравствует наша держава) by Boris Alexandrovich Alexandrov (which was initially proposed as the national anthem of the Soviet Union). The lyrics were officially adopted in 2004, which mentions the natural beauty of Venus and humanity's place within it.

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