Made by Dr. Cow Andrew (under construction)

Siberians crossed America 18,000 years ago from this year. They made a republic in the present-day Columbia, but 28 years later, it has been abolished. Two years after its abolition, Inuit people from Suluq (OTL Jan Mayen) come to discover the ice land who we now call as Greenland.

In 1023, Erikson and his vikings discovered some new lands, including islands out of Greenland, like the Hanfagen (OTL Ellesmore Island). Only one Na-Dené abolished. Some of the Bellbeakers came too to found Tyronia. In the 18th century, The Spanish and English had a fight against which revolution was better.

In today's milleninum, conserving our lives, we are here to find a new victory in the world. Now let us say: We've got the West's World!


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