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OTL equivalent: East Indiana - Fort Wayne
Flag of Indiana Indiana Military2
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Huntington
Largest city Huntington
Other cities Columbia City, Crestwood, Albion, New Haven
Language English
Demonym Hoosier
Government Military Junta
  legislature Bennett Administration
Annexation to Provisional Indiana
  date June 5, 2000

The Wayne Townships was a former nation located in the North-East section of Indiana.


Wayne's Legion arrived at Kekionga on 17 September 1794, and Wayne personally selected the site for the new U.S. fort. Wayne wanted a strong fort built, capable of withstanding not only an Indian uprising, but a possible attack by the British from Fort Detroit. The fort was finished by 17 October, and was capable of withstanding 24-pound cannons.It was named Fort Wayne and placed under command of Major Hamtramck Jean François Hamtramck, who had been commandant of in Vincennes. The fort was officially dedicated 22 Octoberthe fourth anniversary of Campaign Harmar's Defeat, and the day is considered the founding of the modern city of Fort Wayne.

It is also home to Indiana's Guard Reserve and a Indiana National Guard armory.


With hearing the news of Incoming attacks, the Indiana National Guard had began to leave the city, without its citizens. They headed to Huntington were after, group of the soldiers unhappy with leaving the main population to die in Fort Wayne, put General Mick Granger under arrest, and putting Alexander Bennett in charge. While it was too late for the bulk of the National Guard to help people get out of Fort Wayne, the downtown area was destroyed by a low-yield nuke. . They began to put on gas-masks and to cover themselves in any open spots. Bennett returned to the National Guards Armory in Huntington and began to plan resource restrictions, and also seting up camps for the incoming population. With fallout being the worst issue, most Fort Wayne citizens would die in the incoming days.

After Doomsday

A large amount of people die due to a long range of radiation, even thoese away from ground zero who had began to take route to Huntington and New Haven and Leo. The Natioanl Guard had set a plan to divided the population to diffent cities in order to keep resources in check. The Population began to move around the H-469 or outside of the Fort Wayen Metro. While most thought of beging safe in New Haven, they died due to heavey radiation. The areas able to keep a stable community was Huntington, Leo, Columbia and Liberty while still suffering from fallout, it still better than New Haven.

A jeep with a Indiana flag flying above it was seen in 1985 and approached the heavily guarded HQ, while being in shock of a working vehicle they ordered the men to step out and lay down on the ground - in fright of an attack from a gang. The Lafayette men did as they were told, with seeing the uniformed men they were greeted with a warm welcome. They were also greeted by Alexander Bennett and told him about the story of Lafayette and a working Government. They gave Bennett three CB radios for him to give to any other towns that he meets. He was greeted by Sheila Klinke, who offered an alliance with Bennett and soon a single nation. Bennett in needing of help offered his men and Fort Wayne to help Wabash. Wabash also gave two 5 working cars and 6 jeeps. Bennett had sent out a large number of men out into the city to Siphoning gas from the public cars. With having a large fleet of cars they went off into deeper parts of Indiana and began to capture citys by force.

Provisional Indiana

Fort Wayne, along with Richmond, Muncie and Anderson all sent spokesmen to Lafayette, all of whom signed to join into a single group "Provisional Indiana". While under this Government, Bennett was the head of the Military; under his command he lead the military to rebuilding the power lines and opening up the oil wells of Trenton Field, which had been closed due to most of it being dryed up. While there wasn't much, Bennett was able to tap a little out from the oil deposits. He and his men were given the task of taking the remaining Dams in Northern Indiana and put them back to use, which were able to be used in 2001. This provided power for regulated lighting in the central Indiana area and Lafayette area. In 2003, a group of Lafayette Guardsmen had found a large warehouse that was owned by Dominion which had been planning since its opening to build a large wind farm in Fowler Ridge. The Warehouse was filled with parts to build the Wind Turbines. 1982 versions of Vestas. A amount of about 200 wind turbines were found in Warehouses in Fowler Ridge and Lafayette. Bennett and his military were given the task of building these units in Fowler Ridge, and to protect the large amount of workers coming to work on the Wind Turbines. They also found another warehouse at Meadow Lake full of version 82 turbines; they began construction on these in 2005, and finished in late 2009.

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