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In 1939 on the 22nd of September after losing the Battle of Wilno a Company of troops broke out and started to push forward. The commander of the company was Cpt. Arkadiusz Sosnowski. Cpt. Sosnowski's goal was to get to Finland, from there he could cross the border and enter neutral Sweden.

On the 23rd of September the Company made its way to Kaisiadorys encountering little resistance. It was a roadblock made out of 15 infantry men which were truck-borne and an armoured car. Both the truck and the armored car were captured by the Polish. The company firepower doubled and they now had ten horses, one truck and one Landsverk L-181 armored car.

When the Polish troops entered Kaisiadorys the Police force in the city just didn't know what to do. The company took what it needed like food, medicine, ammunition from the police station. Some troops sold some civil cars and trucks. Since the Poles still had two working Brownings WZ.30 they mounted them to the trucks.

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