The Wattasis (Moorish: ⵉⵡⴻⵟⵟⴰⵙⴻⵏ Iweṭṭasen) were a ruling dynasty of eastern Mauritania. Like the Merinis, they were of Zenata tribes descent. The two families were related, and the Merinis recruited many chamberlains (known as luzirs) from the Wattasis. These luzirs assumed the powers of the sovereigns, seizing power when the last Merini, Arbanyit III, who had massacred many of the Wattasis in 1459, was murdered during a popular revolt in the royal city of Fas in 1465.

Baba Yonan Amezwar was the first Wattasi king (1472) but controlled only the northern part of east Mauritania while the southern being divided into several principalities. The Wattasis were finally supplanted in 1554, after the Battle of Tadla, by the Kabyles of Dzayer who ruled in eastern Mauritania since 1517.

List of Wattasi rulers

  • Baba Yonan Amezwar, 1472–1504
  • Arbamun Izemrasen, 1504–1545
  • Yusef Agadir, 1545–1547
  • Izem Hamamun, 1547–1549
  • Zakriya ben Yonan, 1549–1554

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