List of Wassenberg kings of the Netherlands (Chaos)
Name Reign Comment
Reinald I 1454-72 Also Roman king since 1459
Reinald II 1472-1492 Also anti-king of the HRE 1476-92
Reinald III 1492-1559 nicknamed "the Old"
Otto 1559-66
Reinald IV 1566-68 deposed, died in 1625
Eduard I 1568-1612 younger brother of Reinald IV. Also Roman king since 1588.
Eduard II 1612-58 lost Namur to France
Eduard III 1658-92
Geerard III 1692-94
Eduard IV 1694-1722 Married queen Kristina I of Sweden. Also Roman king Eduard II since 1699.
Erik 1722-45 Grandson of Eduard IV. Inherited the crowns of Sweden and Norway from his mother Kristina II of Sweden.
Jan 1745-84 Lost the Netherlands to France after the second French Republican War, became king of Denmark instead
Country conquered by France, after liberation declaration of the republic

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