The Washington Massacre was a event taking place in February 19th 1874. This event was mainly what caused the 15 State Revolution.
Washington Massacre
Participants Enclave (Union Army) protesters
Location Washington D.C.
Date February 19th, 1874
Result Protesters suppressed

Many protesters killed, arrested, wounded, or missing

Unrest increase

Beginning of plotting for the "15 State Revolution"


Causes of protests

Long after the Civil war, the riots and protests continued to build on. And like many of them, they were because of the waste of Union resources and lives during the Civil war. But the riots and protests due to that subject started to die down and was replaced with the totalitarian Union. Many began to move to Washington D.C. to protest against the government and also attempting to provoke them into retaliating.

Ulysses takes action

The protests were, for the most part, non violent and took place mainly outside the White House gates. Union flags were burned, books on Ulysses were burned along with pictures, and much more. This all put a great effect upon the streets of Washington. Looters began to take to the streets, people began to fight with officers and "patriots", people began to block streets and office buildings. Ulysses, in the comfort of his "fortified" White House, met with Enclave members to discuss the situation. Ulysses pointed out the fact that he was in command and that under him, there would be no acceptance of this kind of behavior. So the members agreed to send Union troops to "take care" of the protesters. Using the telephone from the Civil War, the president was able to call reinforcements to the White House. When they arrived, many Union soldiers came to the gates and opened them up. Then 2 carriages of troops rode in running over people, killing few and wounding a few more. Some protesters attempted to storm the White House but had the gates slammed on them.

As the Union troops unloaded, Ulysses came out and confronted the crowd from behind the gates. Not listening to his warnings, he had ordered the troops to get into firing lines. There were 2 lines and more soldiers from behind fortifications. Barbed wire fences and other blockades were set up in front of the gate. As time passed, the protesters attempted to storm the gates but could not get over. As they would still not listen to the presidents warnings, he ordered the troops to open the gates. Though some thought the Enclaves plan was a risk, the soldiers just outside (plus the soldiers set up near the White house and inside) and the defenses would stop them. As soon as the gate was unlocked, protesters stormed the courtyard only to be fired upon by a wave of bullets or running into the hazardous blockades. This made the protesters grow angrier and more protesters stormed the courtyard.

As more stormed, they were hit by waves of bullets or ran into defenses. But the spirit of the protesters just never let them quit attempting to attack. Soon, they stopped storming and instead began to burn the city and cause destruction. Ulysses ordered the soldiers to pick off protesters from inside the gates. As they did this, Ulysses ordered cavalry men to arrive. When they arrived, the men went through the city killing, arresting, and wounding protesters. It was not long until the protesters were suppressed.


As the protesters were suppressed, Ulysses had begun to rebuild the city quickly. Fires were put out, protesters were hunted and arrested and/or killed, cleanup and reconstruction began immediately, and Union troops filled the city. Marshal law was placed over the city along with a curfew. Unrest grew greatly across the nation but especially on the East Coast and north. The 15 State Revolution would soon begin and the downfall of the Union with it.