After the American Revolution ended, the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783. In that year, it was proposed that George Washington be made king. Part of the Articles of Confederation provided for a Parliament and a king. It was voted on in 1784, and George Washington was crowned King George I.

United States

Prime Ministers


King George I reign 1784-1799


King George II reign 1799-1857

Queen Mary I reign 1857-1873

King George III reign 1873-1913

King Albert I reign 1913-1921

King/Emperor George IV reign 1921-1988

Emperor Joseph I reign 1988-1992

Emperor George V reign 1992-1995

Emperor Joseph II reign 1995-today



Emperor Napoleon I reign 1804-1816(French Emperor)1816-1821(European Emperor)

Emperor Napoleon II reign 1821-1832

Emperor Frederich I reign 1832-1844 (European Emperor) 1844-1845 (French Emperor)

Free Federation of France 1845-1867


Emperor Ferdinand I reign 1863-1871

French Republic 1871-Present

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