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Washington DC
City-State of Columbia
— Subdivision of United States of America
Timeline: An Independent in 2000
Flag of Washington, D.C. Seal-DC
Flag Seal
(and largest city)
Washington DC
Governor Adrian Fenty (I)
Lt. Governor Vincent Gray (I)
Area area km²
Population 5,216,565 
Admission September 16th, 2008

Washington DC had long since desired statehood, and when the state reorganization act was being drafted, one of the chief tenets was to give DC the representative that it deserved. DC is the smallest state by land area and by population. At only 177 sq km, and a population of less than 600,000 people, DC citizens petitioned to be have their state expanded to include the DC Metropolitan Area, excluding Spotsylvania County, Virginia. Washington DC stands as the only city-state in the US.

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