Washington D.C.
Capitol Hill - Washington, DC
Location Washington D.C. USA
Settled 1799
Leader Vincent C. Gray
Population 646,449
Demonym Washingtonian D.C.

Washington D.C.  is the largest capital in the distrito federal 1 and the Capitals In United States. Often abbreviated as WDF1. and nicknamed The City of Governments Washington DF1 rated an alpha world city, has an estimated population of 6.8 million and spans over 498.3 sq mi (1290.6 sq km). Additionally, the Washington DF 1 metropolitan area is home to nearly 16.9 million residents. Washington DF1 is the seat of president, the most populated and one of the most diverse Districts in Washington D.C.

In this city after spain took over 13 colonies construction starts at delaware

Governments Buildings

Washington DF 1 And Mexico City DF 2 Was Have Same Governments

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