The Warsaw Pact is a collective defense treaty amongst the various Marxist-Leninist nations of eastern Europe, along with several other nations. While formed primarily as a counter to the NATO military alliance, it has a secondary goal of supporting Marxist insurgencies and assisting to set up Marxist governments around the globe. While in OTL the pact no longer exists, here it's still going strong. The pact is headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, although its overall direction comes from Moscow, USSR.

Member Nation Capital Year Joined
Albania Tirana 14 May 1955
Bulgaria Sofia 14 May 1955
Czechoslovakia Prague 14 May 1955
Hungary Budapest 14 May 1955
Poland Warsaw 14 May 1955
Romania Bucharest 14 May 1955
Ukraine Kiev 14 May 1955
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Moscow 14 May 1955
Mongolia Ulan Baataar 8 Jun 1961
People's Republic of China Urumqui 8 Jun 1961
Libya Tripoli 2 Mar 1977
Sudan Khartoum 2 Mar 1977
Vietnam Hanoi 2 Mar 1977